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 About Us

The funky traveller is made up by a group of likeminded travellers, who felt that a space on the web was needed where travellers could share their experiences, as well as to find useful information on a variety of travel related topics.

The funky traveller is an independent venture, the views expressed here are not necessarily the views of the website, but of the individual traveller. All photographs and stories are copyright of the individual, please respect their rights.

As this is an independent venture, we need help to compile our pages, so if you have been somewhere and feel like talking about it, recommending anything or warning people of anything, please ask.

If you do want to send something, photos should be send in 2 forms: a thumbnail and a larger image (for the sake of uniformity images should be 100 x 67 pixels for thumbnails (this can be width or height orientated) and large images should be 371 x 250 pixels either way around. Special panoramas can be slightly longer. All images should be web compressed (ideal file sizes: thumbnails 8k, large images max 50k).

Text should be sent either as a word file or in web page format. If you are just recommending a few things then email is fine.

You are welcome to print any pages containing information on places, as long as they are for your personal use.




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