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This section contains a selection of useful links and resources to other websites that will help you get the most out of your trip aswell as keep the fire burning when you get back! If you wish to exchange links with us please read our terms and conditions below . To exchange links please email

Accommodation Hotels, hostels, campsites, bed and breakfasts, guesthouses
Country/City Guides Find info on where you are going on what to do
Geography & Wildlife Info on conservation, geography and wildlife
General Travel Advice/Tips From travel tips to health/safety & other useful stuff
History & Architecture World History and Architecture websites
Partners & Affiliates Companies associated in some way with Funky Traveller
Photography View other traveller's photos
Sports & Activities Extreme Sports, Scuba Diving and Hiking
Tours, Excursions & Groups Links to tour companies and traveller groups
Transportation Airlines, buses, boats, ferries, trains and much more.
Travel Directories Links to major travel directories and portals
Travel Learning Links to language courses and schools/colleges abroad.
Travel Mates Find a travelling companion
Travel Services Useful websites providing travel related services
Travelogues/Articles Links to various travel articles and diaries
Volunteering Useful volunteering sites, ecotourism, conservation
Working Abroad Find info on getting a job or studying abroad.

Link Exchange Terms and Conditions

We will exchange links with the following:

Accomodation - Individual hotels, hostels, campsites, guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, apartments. (small chains and resorts also accepted)

Adventure Holidays, tours, extreme sports

Country City Guides

Geography, Conservation and Wildlife Websites

Photography Sites (Commercial and travellers photo websites welcome)

Sports and Activities

Travel Services

Travelogues, travel blogs, travel articles but NOT articles advertising services or websites

Useful transportation websites (NOT cheap flight/hotel directories)

Volunteering, conservation, ecotourism projects

Websites offering travel advice and tips

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