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Copenhagen is a vibrant city with some great bars and restaurants, it can also be used as a base to visit the surrounding area. Denmark requires the usual paperwork as per any other EU country, one thing to note, though, is that they have yet to join the single European currency, so Euro's will have to be changed. There are a multitude of ATMs and travellers cheques can be changed at all the major banks and exchange kiosks.

The weather in Denmark can be changeable, and as a rule is normally a couple of degrees lower than London. Copenhagen is relatively safe to walk around in, although, be alert in the Red Light District and Christiana. Photography is not advisable in either of these places. If you are on a budget, it would be advisable to book your accommodation well in advance as the cheaper places will sell out a lot quicker. Going out in Copenhagen is comparable to going out in London, but is much cheaper than the rest of Scandinavia.


Getting there

Copenhagen is very easy to reach, the airport is served by a very efficient train service to the capital which takes approximately 20-25 minutes. Trains also run to other parts of the island, and there is the newly constructed road bridge to Sweden just past the airport.



Hotel Centrum - Approximately 750 Kr for 3 people for 3 nights (which is roughly £22 per night), doubles are slightly more expensive, this is based on October prices. The hotel is in the heart of the red light district and only 5 mins from the station, it has clean rooms with TV and serves breakfast in the morning.


Things to do

Christiana - This area of Copenhagen used to be one large hippy commune, even now it still retains some of that era, the main part of it, Pusher Street openly sells drugs from stalls. Even though this is strictly still illegal, the police turn a blind eye to it. If you want to buy drugs in Copenhagen then buy them here, rather than on the streets. However, be warned the place comes across as very paranoid and forget about getting your camera out unless you want to be found at the bottom of the river!

The Little Mermaid - If you have some time to spare it might be worth going to visit Denmark's most famous 'landmark'. It is situated near the docks in quite humble surroundings, accompanied by the stench of sewage. The figure has been beheaded and de-armed on numerous occasions, but is now protected by CCTV. It is quite a walk from the centre, but it is possible to catch a river bus back.

Helsingør - If you have a little more time, it is worth doing a day trip to the northern town of Helsingør. It takes about 50 mins by train from Copenhagen and costs approx.£4.50 pp. Helsingør is a typical Danish town without the commercialism of Copenhagen, you can also catch a ferry to Helsingborg in Sweden from here. The main attraction is the castle which was used during the filming of 'Hamlet' with Mel Gibson. There are also a couple of nice quaint pubs (check out Hold An on the main square) and some specialist gift shops.



Senorita (Istedgale 49) - A cheap Mexican restaurant with good ambience and friendly service.

Cafe de la Luna (Wildesgade) - A small cafe in Christiana with modern art on the walls. Serves excellent herrings.

Kate's Joint - A simple restaurant with Eastern cuisine, strongly catering for vegetarians. The menu is quite limited and the food is acceptable, a good budget option.

Restaurant Italiano (Fiolstrode 2) - Very nice Italian with great decor, quick and friendly service, serving great Pizzas with free chilli and garlic dips.

Huset med det grøme trae (Gommel torr 20) - Specialist Smørebrod restaurant serving a large selection of Smørebrod toppings and various different types of akvavit (schnapps).

Bankeråt (Ahlefeldtsgade 29) - Bar/Restaurant with very odd decor resembling something like a surreal art horror movie. The food menu is limited but is cheap and the toilets are full of surprises!

Bangow (Istegade) - Excellent Thai restaurant in the heart of the red light district, approximately £10 a dish (99kr)

La Galette (Larsbjørnsstrade 9) - French crêpe bar playing World music


Bars & Clubs

Cafe Obelisk (Vesterbros Torv) - Trendy bar with artwork from Asterix on the walls, there is seating outside and they also serve good food

Mark's Place - Small atmospheric bar playing loud Rock/Indie music serving 3 types of Carlsberg, a good starting point.

Hacken Busch - A stylish bar with a restaurant out the back. Has a traditional old Portuguese table football game.

Paris Night Club (Vesterbros Torv) - Late night club open till 5am on weekends, serves cheap beer, a good place to finish the night's festivities.

Woodstock (Pusher Street, Christiana) - Right in the heart of the drugs district, this small 'log cabin' style canteen serves teas and cakes, and a place to smoke your purchases. This place can get quite crowded and can attract some odd characters.

Cafe Rust - A modern bar/club popular with the younger locals, the bar is very red and plays up to date music.

Cafe Gelva (Skt Hans Gade) - Small late night bar, a good place fro a quiet drink

Hold An (Main square, Helsingør) - Authentic Danish pub popular with locals, the drinks are really cheap (more than half the price than Copenhagen), and it has free 'Scum' - a billiards type game with skittles.

La Fontaine (Kompagnistraede) - One of the best venues in Copenhagen, this jazz bar has great music, you can even take your own instrument along for a jam. The drinks can be expensive but its worth it for the atmos.

English Bar - Hardly English, was full of Americans and Australians when we went there, the music was dire, and the beers were extortianate, avoid!

Bo-Bi Bar (Klareboderne 14) - 1920s style bar with Copenhagen's oldest bar counter, playing jazz music.

Peder Oxe's Vinkaelder (Grabrødve Torr) - Below the restaurant, cool decor with catacombs at the back, a bit pricey.

Bang & Jensen (Istegade 130) - Trendy bar playing cool music, fairly expensive.





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